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Study of the Association between Amplitude of Alpha Oscillations at Rest and Scores on the Intellectual Style Inventory

Author(s): Mai S Saleh, Hala R El-Habashy


The Intellectual style inventory (ISI) is a tool for learning style assessment after cortical functional specialization. It introduces four perception styles and four thinking styles that are functionally rooted at the four brain cortical lobes. Alpha activity detected by EEG at rest is known to associate intrinsic neural patterns that differ from one person to another.

Aim: The present work aimed to investigate the association between the activities of alpha wave at rest at different brain regions and between the scores obtained by the ISI regarding the different thinking and perception style.

Methods: Participants included in the study reached 36 neurologically healthy females, 16 years of age, and at the same education level. All participants completed the ISI with EEG recording amplitude of alpha oscillations at rest with closed eyes in 19 electrode sites
according to 10-20 international system.

Results: Significant negative correlations were detected between amplitude of alpha oscillations and scores on the ISI at the different brain regions with lower mean for the groups showing higher scores on the ISI for the front thinking styles and the base perception styles.

Conclusion: The ISI is able to introduce a promising conceptual frame and applicable tool for comprehensive investigation of neural patterns relevant to cognitive tasks eminent to psychological functions of learning and information processing.

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