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Neurotrophins in Preterm Neonates: Clinical Significance in Prematurity-Related Complications and Role in Novel Cellular Therapies

Author(s): Alicja Zawislak, Zofia Litwinska, Kamila Szumilas, Dorota Grodecka-Szwajkiewicz, Boguslaw Machalinski

The development and function of nervous system is orchestrated by various growth factors, including neurotrophic factors. Among these are classical neurotrophins, which play important roles during foetal growth and development. Neurotrophins concentrations differ between preterm and full-term neonates; in fact, these differences may be clinically significant in the development of prematurity-related complications. Novel cellular therapies are aimed at providing stem/progenitor cells, able to produce beneficial neurotrophins, to the preterm infant in order to ameliorate detrimental effects of prematurity. In this review we focus on neurotrophins significance in preterm birth complications and their possible role in paracrine effects of stem/progenitor cells applied to preterm infants.

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