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Complex visual hallucinations triggered by eye closure and condition-specific release phenomenon

Author(s): Chi-Wei Huang, Hsiu-Hui Chen, Nai-Ching Chen, Pin-Hsuan Lin, Shu-Hua Huang, Chiung-Chih Chang

Attention and memory are important parts of cognition that must be routinely examined in daily practice of psychiatry and neurology. Traditionally, their assessment has been done via anamnesis where the clinician simply asks the patient whether they are suffering from any cognitive difficulties in their daily lives. The present study investigated whether there is a significant association between the patient’s simple anamnestic information about cognitive impairments and the scores in related subtests of Montreal Cognitive Assessment Test (MoCA). We found that there is a statistically significant correlation between the simple anamnestic information and the scores on the related subtests of the MoCA. These results suggest that patients can be quickly and accurately evaluated in terms of their attention and memory functions by using a basic “yes/no” question.

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