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Bibliometric Analysis on Literature of Working Memory on the Patients with Epilepsy in China

Author(s): Qing Liu

In order to provide scientific support and pave new avenues for future studies of superior cognitive function in patients with epilepsy, we systematically sorted the data of working memory research about Chinese epileptics by using bibliometric analysis. Our analysis found: (1) studies in the working memory of Chinese patients with epilepsy were rarely reported; (2) these studies are related to working memory impairment of epileptics, its factors and neurobiological underpinnings; (3) questionnaires and laboratory experiments were the main methodology used in these studies. Though some valuable results were gained from studies involved in working memory of Chinese patients with epilepsy, further research should be devoted to improve cognitive function of epileptics by using working memory training, strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration, and explore how to conduct psychological intervention for epileptics who received working memory training.

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