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Association of SLC6A4 5-HTTLPR and 5HTR2A T102C in the Neurobiological Domains Associated with Time Perception: Genetic and Behavioral Correlates

Author(s): Juliete Bandeira, Silmar Teixeira, Giovanny Rebouças Pinto, Rogério Figueiredo, Thayaná Fernandes, Franco Chies Martins, Victor Marinho

Research at the molecular level aims to integrate neurobiological information in a more detailed manner on behavioral phenotypes associated with the judgment of time intervals. The genetic polymorphisms SLC6A4 5-HTTLPR and 5HTR2A T102C as modulators of serotoninergic levels are associated with several neurobiological aspects inbuilt in sub-second and suprasecond timing. In this sense, a state-of-the-art review was performed with 60 studies, among them experimental and reviews, to synthesize the main findings on the action of genetic bases of the serotoninergic system in timing. The findings indicate that the level of expression of serotonin receptors and transporters change neural inputs in neurobiological domains related to the time perception.

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