Circulating FABP4 May Predict Pre-Malformation Fetus in Pregnant Patient with Epilepsy

Author(s): Chao Guo, Xingyue Qin, Min Su, Rong Li


This report aimed to assess the potential association between blood fatty acid binding protein 4 (FABP4) and epileptic pregnant woman. Plasma FABP4 content was determined in pregnant women with and without epilepsy during second-trimester embryo (around 4-month fetus). In addition to other comparable clinical parameters, plasma FABP4 was reduced in pregnant woman with epilepsy when referenced to that in epilepsy-free control. It was characterized with imageologically detectable pre-abnormality of fetus, but other clinically diagnosed parameters were inconspicuous. Therefore, blood FABP4 reduction independently predicted fetal pre-abnormality in epileptic pregnant woman. Potentially, circulating FABP4 may function as a promising biomarker for pre-malformation fetus in epileptic pregnant woman.

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