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Ways of coping and mental burnout of Bedouin mothers compared to Bedouin fathers of children with ASD

Author(s): Manor-Binyamini I, Abu-Ajaj O


The present study compares the ways of coping, and mental burnout of Bedouin mothers with those of Bedouin fathers of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and examines whether there are any relations between these variables.


A comparison was made between the 74 Bedouin mothers and 74 Bedouin fathers of children with ASD, on ways of coping, and mental burnout. Questionnaires were used: a demographic questionnaire; a Ways of Coping Questionnaire, developed by Folkman and Lazarus and Mental Burnout Questionnaire developed by Pines.


In the comparison between Bedouin mothers and Bedouin fathers of children with ASD on the measures of ways of coping differences between mothers and fathers were found only for escape-avoidance coping. On the measures of mental burnout, a significant difference was found thus, the mothers showed significantly higher mental burnout than the fathers. In examining the relations between the variables: significant relations were found between ways of coping strategies and mental burnout for both Bedouin mothers and fathers of children with ASD.


The findings of the current study highlight the need for subsequent research, particularly on the escape-avoidance coping, as well as on culturally-tailored interventions, which are focused on social support for both parents.

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