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Third eye model: a hypothesis to span the diversities of psychiatry and normalcy

Author(s): Kishor Kunal


Objectives: To formulate a model to define and explain basic characteristics of all psychiatric disorders and normal behaviour

Methods: Analysis of available models, articles, case reports and psychoanalytic reports to formule one common model as per objective followed by explanations of regular characteristics of behaviour, psychiatric disorders and paradoxes

Result: A hypothetical “third eye model” can explain the normal well being, abnornal well being (personality disoreders), normal response to stress (such as sleep, anxiety, fear etc) and abnormal responses to stress (spectrum of psychiatric disorders including suicide and its paradox). Also it can help formulate four laws of psychiatry and various principles which can in turn explain risk factors, criteria for diagnosis, age of onset, duration, clinical features, co-morbidities, risk of suicide, prognosis and evidence-based pharmaco and psychotherapies.

Conclusion: “Third eye model” is solely capable of describing the regularities and irregularities in classification of disorders and their characteristics along with normal behaviour including sleep and dreams.

Limitations: The paper does not include discourse on independent pathways in brain. Also considering the word limit, the author has tried to be precise (not including examples in many cases) and has eliminated the use of explanation wherever deemed unnecessary

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