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There is No Smoke Without Fire The Follow-Up Lactic Acidosis in Patient with No Significant Medical History

Author(s): Agata Bronisz, Malgorzata Szafranska

Lactic acidosis is a form of metabolic acidosis with a high anion gap, reduced rate of arterial blood pH under 7.30 mmol/l, and lactic acid concentration over 5 mmol/l. In the literature, we can find some descriptions of the cases of lactic acidosis in patients with severe systemic diseases (cancer, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, sepsis, and diabetes with cardiovascular disease and after organ transplantations). Four years ago, we presented the case of lactic acidosis in a patient with no chronic disease – a firefighter where lactic acidosis had developed during a standard exercises test in the smoke chamber. Now we have carried out the evaluation of subsequent patient’s follow-up.

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