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The Experience of Playing Located Based Game among Young Adults: Findings from a Focus Group Study

Author(s): Ka Huen YIP


In Hong Kong, a lot of young adults are smartphone users. There are a number of health consequences in the physical realm, psychological area, and social aspects caused by game addiction of smartphone users. Game playing with smartphones is popular among young phone users. A location-based game (LBG) has recently received big attention from the young players. As such, this report is intended to explore the Hong Kong young adults’ perceptions on playing LBG, Pokémon GO about their physical discomfort, and joy in playing the game.

Methods and Findings

We conducted 3 focus group discussions, held between January and April 2017, on this LBG (e.g., intention to try, harmfulness, and leisure) with a total of 17 young adults (age from 18- 25 years old). We analysed the discussions using a thematic approach. Participants generally reported positive perceptions on playing the LBG, particularly because of their visual appeal in a reality situation. Some negative perceptions were reported. All participants believed the LBG would be at risk with increasing number of negative outcomes if participants were not handling the indulgence in the game well. Participants also commented that this game could be gateways to augmented reality with LBG.


Young adults welcome the LBG and are willing to experiment with Pokémon GO. Playing the LBG may alter the young adults’ attitude and behavioural intention among their social interaction to pursue a common goal, physical activity and daily living behaviour.

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