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The Antidepressant-Like Effect of Vanillin Aroma Involves Serum Magnesium and Brain BDNF

Author(s): Jinyong Xu, Xiaoming Zhang, Zhenhua Ren3, Yingxian Luo, Guangwu Li

Depression is a major global public health concern. The variable effectiveness and undesirable side effects of antidepressant medication have prompted the search for alternative treatments. Olfaction plays an important role in emotion regulation in our daily life. Pleasant odorants would evoke positive emotions, inducing relaxation and calmness. The beneficial effects of vanillin aromatherapy on depression model rats were investigated in our previous research. Here, biochemical molecules including serum magnesium and brain derived nerve growth factor (BDNF) were further detected to investigate the possible underlying mechanisms. Results showed that the administration of vanillin aromatherapy restored the serum magnesium and brain BDNF which might mediate remission of depression. This suggests that vanillin aromatherapy could be considered as a potential alternative therapy for alleviating psychological responses among people suffering from major depressive disorder.

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