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Research on psychological health status of Chinese Young doctors from Hebei province

Author(s): Xixiong Kang, Limin Zhang, Guojun Zhang, Hong Lv, Fang Fang

Objective: To investigate the psychological status of young doctors’ in hospital for developing health promotion.

Methods: Totally 197 doctors were tested and analyzed by using symptom check list (SCL-90).

Results: The total mean score of the young doctors was 183.7 ± 20.81. The number of positive items of the young doctors was 37.69 ± 13.17, significantly higher than that of the Chinese population norms (24.91 ± 9.13). The pooled estimates of psychological symptoms including somatization, obsession-compulsion, depression, anxiety, hostility, phobic anxiety, and paranoid ideation among doctors were significantly higher than those in the general population (P<0.05). The interpersonal-sensitivity and psychoticism were similar in prevalence to Chinese population norms.

Conclusions: There exists varying degree of psychological problems in young doctors. It is necessary to adopt some effective measures actively to improve their psychological health.

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