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Remedying Psychological Depression of Rural to Urban Female Migrant Workers with Proactiveness in Seeking Health Care Services in Urban China

Author(s): Chao Wang, Yibao Wang, Huimin Cao, Rongzhen Xu, Wendong Xu

Proactiveness in seeking health care services among psychopaths lies at the core of selfefficacy, improvements in health services utilization can cause better control of psychological depression among rural to urban female migrant workers. However, a paucity of literatures have shown the proactiveness of seeking health services in the context of psychological depression control among female migrant workers. A cross-sectional survey was carried out in the selected urban region from one province in China, and 781 participants were interviewed between January and September in 2018 with stratified multiple-stage sampling to examine the interrelationship between psychological depression control and socio-demographic and economic variables as well as proactiveness of female migrant workers in seeking health care services. The primary outcome for this research was psychological depression control (depression score < 50 for each individual). Out of the total 781 participants with almost more than 6 years of education, the number of proactive health care service seekers was 1.463 times greater than the passive seekers (odds rate (OR) = 1.463, 95% confidence interval (CI) =1.061- 2.016, p = 0.020). In all subgroups, participants actively seeking were more likely to have healthy psychological status than those passively utilizing health care services. Proactiveness in seeking contributes to the control of psychological depression and improvements in psychological health status among female migrant workers.

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