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Memantine: A new mood-stabilizer for treatment-resistant Bipolar disorders

Author(s): Cori Costello

Statement of the Problem: Mindfulness is a Buddhist concept that is described by Kabat- Zinn as waking up and “living in harmony with oneself and with the world.” It is a term that has been discussed with great frequency in various fields of study including, well-being, mental wellness, and positive psychology. More research is indicating the effectiveness of the mindfulness approach or mindful techniques. But how can the manner in which one thinks impact the neurophysiological aspects of the brain? How can mindfulness be efficaciously utilized within the mental health context with stressed or even traumatized clients? Mindfulness provides for alterations in the neuronal activities of various regions of the brain. Through neuroplasticity, the stressed or traumatized individual can increase growth through enhanced learning and shrink emotional illness and disease of the brain. By the process of incorporating mindful techniques, alterations in the brain can lead to resiliency. Resiliency is defined as the process of adapting well despite adversity, trauma, or tragedy. It means bouncing back from those difficult situations and growing emotionally stronger. Being able to be resilient can produce long-lasting hormonal, neurotransmitters, and central nervous system changes. This presentation seeks to explore effective methods for constructing and internalizing protective factors and resilient behaviours. Conclusion & Significance: The results of such a mindful approach can be observed in the stressed clients’ body responses to stressful situations. The integration of conscious, non-judgmental attention with focused and controlled breath work has a calming effect on other parts of the central nervous system. There is a reduction in activation of the vagal nerve which carries information from the body into the brain. Once in the brain, the neurons begin firing and wiring, based on the perceived level of energy, such as stress, calmness, or anxiety. Being able to be resilient can produce long-lasting hormonal, neurotransmitters, and central nervous system changes.


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