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Is the Psychogenic Factor an Exclusive Contributor to Erectile Dysfunction in a Man Under Thirty?

Author(s): Geng-Long Hsu, Hollis Johnson, Hung-Meng Huang, Ru-Jeng Teng, Chih-Yuan Hsu

Albeit penile veins are the principal components in erectile rigidity in cadaveric hemodynamic studies, clinically, psychogenic factors play an exclusive role in a young adult with erectile dysfunction (ED), additionally the placebo effect affecting approximately 40% of the participants in clinical trials. This study addresses whether psychogenic contributor has an exclusive role in ED in males under the age of 30. This article is a review of literature obtained using MEDLINE. The information obtained was assessed regarding erectile physiology and ED pathophysiology. Although phospho-di-esterase-5 inhibitors have become the most widely adopted ED medical treatment with gained acceptance in ED pathophysiology, a refined penile venous stripping procedure also holds merit. An apagogical hemodynamic study was conducted on defrosted cadavers based on an innovative understanding of the penile venous anatomy. In our extensive clinical experience with the penile venous stripping method, this procedure is a viable treatment option for ED in males younger than 30 years of age. Thus, penile veins themselves are the most crucial factors in erection physiology, and venogenic factors are inappropriately considered as cavernosal factors in the list of ED contributors. Penile veins play a pivotal role in erectile rigidity and consequently, venous dysfunction is prevalent in males with ED. However, the psychological contribution is still paramount, although not exclusive, roles in ED in males younger than 30 years of age.

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