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Impact on Information and Communication Technologies versus anaerobic physical activity in patients with mild Alzheimer´s disease: A pilot study

Author(s): Jose Enrique de la Rubia Orti, Carmen Cabanes Iranzo, Sandra Sancho Castillo, Jose Luis Platero Armero, Maria Benlloch, Maria Pilar Garcia-Pardo


Evaluate the impact of information and communications technology (ICT) versus anaerobic physical activity in patients with mild Alzheimer´s disease on level of stress, anxiety and depression.


The design is an quasi-experimental and prospective study. It applies both types of nonpharmacological therapies to 24 patients with mild Alzheimer’s disease (12 for each therapy) for 4 weeks (twice a week). Before and after each session, salivary cortisol samples, quantified by ELISA, were collected, and Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) questionnaires were used.


For both therapies, the results show a significant improvement in the perception of anxiety and depression through HADS questionnaires. While stress level (measured by quantification of cortisol in saliva) improved non-significantly after exercise based on ICTs, it increased with anaerobic exercise.


Both therapies decreased the perception of anxiety and depression, supporting the suggestions reflected in other studies. Nevertheless, anaerobic exercise increased physiological stress as opposed to aerobic exercise, according to other authors. ICT based exercise decreased it, becoming a more suitable therapy for these patients.

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