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Effectiveness of Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Acceptance in Promoting Chinese People's Mental Health

Author(s): Li-Chuan Chu


Studies have found that some dimensions of emotional intelligence (e.g. emotional express  i on or utilization) may vary in their effects on mental health because of cultural factors. The efficacyof emotional intelligence on mental health can be fully realized in Western society; however, itis maladjusted to Eastern society. Compared with emotional intelligence, the positive benefitof psychological acceptance on mental health may have more generalizability across cultures.Psychological acceptance may be more effective than emotional intelligence in improving themental health of Chinese people. The aims of this study are outlined as follows: to present therelationship between emotional intelligence, mental health and cultural norms; compare theeffectiveness of emotional intelligence and psychological acceptance in promoting Chinesepeople’s mental health; and propose possible directions for future research by looking at unanswered questions.

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