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Effect of extended-release quetiapine fumarate on quality of life and sleep in elderly patients with generalized anxiety disorder

Author(s): Catherine Datto, Henrik Svedsater, Julie C Locklear,Jean Endicott

Aims: This prospectively planned analysis evaluates the effects of extendedrelease quetiapine fumarate (quetiapine XR) on quality of life and sleep quality in elderly patients (aged ≥66 years) with generalized anxiety disorder.

Methods: Patients were randomized to quetiapine XR (flexible dosing 50–300 mg/day; n = 223) or placebo (n = 227). The primary end point was least squares mean change from baseline to week 9 in Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety total score. Secondary end points were patient-reported outcomes Quality of Life, Enjoyment and Satisfaction Questionnaire (Q-LES-Q)-Short Form percentage maximum total, Q-LES-Q item 15 (‘satisfaction with medication’), Q-LES-Q item 16 (‘overall life satisfaction’) and Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index global scores.

Results: At week 9, quetiapine XR significantly improved the Hamilton Rating Scale for Anxiety total score versus placebo (least squares mean change: -14.97 vs -7.21; p < 0.001). Improvement was also observed in Q-LES-Q-Short Form percentage maximum total score, Q-LES-Q item 15 and 16 scores and Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index global score for quetiapine versus placebo.

Conclusion: In elderly patients with generalized anxiety disorder, quetiapine XR monotherapy (50–300 mg/day flexibly dosed) improved patients’ quality of life, enjoyment, satisfaction and sleep quality.


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