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Dual Way of Suppressive Action of Antibodies to Serotonin Modulating Anticonsolidation Protein on Drug Addiction in Rats

Author(s): Mekhtiev AA, Asadova SHM


Analysis of engagement of serotonin-modulating anticonsolidation protein (SMAP) in formation of drug addiction to morphine in self-administration model in the rats via application of the anti-SMAP antibodies. 


Indirect ELISA-test, morphine self-administration model, conditioned model of alternative running, conditioned model of instrumental differentiation.


Upregulation of SMAP by 67% in the brain cingulate cortex of the rats with stable level of morphine intake, while no changes of SMAP level were noticed in hypothalamus. Intramuscular administration of the anti-SMAP antibodies to the rats with stable level of morphine intake leads to significant suppression of morphine consumption for 8 days. Administration of non-immune γ-globulins does not have any effect on morphine consumption. Intra-cerebral administration of the anti-SMAP antibodies leads to significant acceleration and strengthening of memory formation in complicated conditioned alternative running and instrumental differentiation models.


Application of the anti-SMAP antibodies induces suppression of elaborated drug addiction in the rats, first, through blockade of intra-cellular transduction of serotonin signal in the concerned nervous cells and, second, due to formation of negative memory on inefficacy of lever pressing to get bright positive emotions after morphine self-administration.

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