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Cognitive and Psychological Anomalies in Parkinsons Disease: An Insight into Non-Motor Characteristic Features

Author(s): Amarendranath Choudhury, Dhilleswara Rao, Jagadeesh Varma R, Tuhin Subhra Banerjee, Arun Kumar R,Dattatreya Adapa

While most of the clinical concerns for Parkinson’s disease (PD) are limited to the cardinal motor abnormalities, non-motor features like cognitive and psychological anomalies are also acquired ample of importance in last few decades. Progressive research has showcased several obvious incidences of cognitive and psychological anomalies in the pathophysiology of PD. It has been reported that, almost 30% PD sufferers show different degree of cognitive
impairment but lack of awareness or negligence makes it difficult to diagnose it, at the initial stage of the disease. As a result, cognitive and psychological impairments continue to increases progressively and deteriorate the quality of life of the patient. It is presumable that, early detection of PD can be achieved by the identification of specific set of cognitive and psychological anomalies and the similar scope might open up new avenue in the non-invasive diagnosis of PD. In the present review, we have accumulated all the timely documentation on cognitive and psychological anomalies in PD and highlighted most of the non-motor features with rational justification for the relevance of their study in the early diagnosis of PD.

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