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Cerebral Blood Flow, White Matter Micro-Structures and Gray Matter Function in Adult Aged 61-81 Years

Author(s): Katarzyna Porzych, Zbigniew Serafin, Elżbieta Zawada, Emilia Mikolajewska, Dariusz Mikolajewski, Martyna Porzych, Zofia Skubisz, Daria Kupczyk, Beata Augustynska


Aim of this study was assess cerebral blood flow, white matter micro-structures and gray matter function, and biochemical correlates of oxidative stress in adult aged 61-81 years.

Patients and methods

The study included a total of 50 patients aged from 61 to 81 years. All patients underwent arterial spin labeling (ASL), diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and biochemical analysis of venous blood concerning values of the selected parameters of oxidative stress.

Results and discussion

Statistically significant correlations between ASL and DTI results were observed, but none correlations between ASL, DTI and biochemical markers of oxidative stress were observed, despite showed reduced effectiveness of the body’s natural antioxidant barrier in elderly people.


This study may be regarded preliminary to bigger comparative research. Factors influencing successful prevention of changes and strengthening the defense system may be a direction of further research.

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