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Aging Disparity of Initial Dose in Patients with Schizophrenia

Author(s): Chen-Lin Chang, For-Wey Lung


Background/Aims: Data is limited on the relationship between drug dose and psych osoci al per formance inpatients with schizophrenia receiving antipsychotics. In this study, we used a latent growthcurve model (LGM) to explore the interactions between drug dose and psychosocial

Methods: We conducted a 12-week multisite, non-randomized, single-arm, open-label, flexibledose  clinica l trial. All participants received a flexible dose of paliperidone extended-release(ER) of between 3 and 12 mg. Treatment efficacy was measured using Personal and SocialPerformance (PSP) scales at 0, 4, and 12 weeks. An LGM was used to analyze the associationbetween the dose of paliperidone ER and PSP scores. Three hundred thirty-one participantswere in cluded in the study by intention to treat, of whom 255 completed the 12-week studyperiod.

Results: The initial dose of paliperidone ER was estimated at 5.87-6.59 mg/day. Regarding theasso c  iation between dose and psychosocial functioning, elderly patients and patients witha short duration of illness demonstrated a greater improvement in psychosocial functioning.Elderly patients also need less dose than the younger patients. A longer education year wasassociated with better initial psychosocial functioning.

Conclusion: Greater changes in dose were associated with le ss improvement in psychosocial fun ctioning astime went on. LGM represents a useful analytic method for clinical medical studies, includingpsychopharmacologic research, to predict related variables.

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