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Adult Patients with Atopic Dermatitis Treated With Dupilumab in Routine Clinical Practice: Preliminary Data at Week 16

Author(s): Servando E Marron, Lucia Tomas Aragones, Carlos A Moncion-Torres, Manuel Gomez Barrera, Victor M Alcalde Herrero, Francisco Javier Garcia Latasa de Araniber


Atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease characterized by intense pruritus. Dupilumab is a human monoclonal antibody specifically targeted to block the interleukin-4 alpha receptor (IL-4), inhibiting signalling for interleukin-4 and interleukin-13 in the treatment of atopic dermatitis.

Materials and method

Longitudinal study performed under routine clinical practice in the dermatology department of the Royo Villanova Hospital. Eleven adult patients with moderate-severe AD are being treated in a program of extended use of medication authorized by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Products (AEMS). Patients are treated with dupilumab 300 mg subcutaneous injection every 2 weeks with an initial loading dose of 600 mg. artificial tears are recommended for the preventive management of conjunctivitis, and emollient creams for the skin.


Week 16 analysis shows a reduction in pruritus (p=0.003) and in the severity of the disease (91% reduction, p<0.001). Quality of life scores, measured with the DLQI are improved (from 13.9 to 2.0, p=0.001) as with the health thermometer of the EQ-5D (from 57 to 80, p=0.035). Patients do not report conjunctivitis.


The use of dupilumab in routine clinical practice proves to be effective and safe, with an improvement of psychosocial impact and quality of life. Its safety profile is excellent, as well as adherence to treatment and patient satisfaction.

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