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A Sound-based Intervention for Children with Sensory Processing Disorders in Taiwan

Author(s): En-Chi Chiu, Chih-Ping Li

Sensory processing disorders (SPD), are a group of disorders that involve challenges in modulation, integration, organization, and discrimination of sensory input to the extent that the person does not respond appropriately to the input and experiences disruptions in daily activities and emotional behavioural patterns. Therapeutic listening (TL) is a sound-based intervention, which contains listening to electronically altered music and performing sensory activities to provide sensory stimulations. The purpose of this study aimed to explore the experience of Taiwanese mothers having a child with sensory processing disorder using the TL program. A qualitative ethnographic design was conducted to explore Taiwanese mothers’ experiences through semi-structured interviews. We analysed the transcripts and compiled them into themes. A total of three mothers were interviewed. The two themes appeared from the analysis of the transcripts: (a) improvements and changes; and (b) issues of implementing the TL program. These Taiwanese mothers expressed that their children had better control of their behaviours, emotions, and mobility and were involved in daily activities more timely after the TL program. These mothers had better parent-child interactions when mothers joined the TL program. Taiwanese mothers expressed that their children accepted the modulated music and there are benefits of using the TL program. However, absence of rules for performing sensory activities and the appearance, ear cushion material, and size of the headphones may limit the use of the TL program in Taiwan. Therefore in order to better apply and promote the TL program in Taiwan, clinicians and researchers could provide specific rules for performing sensory activities and adjust the headphones.

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