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1metiq, an Endogenous Compound Present in the Mammalian Brain Displays Neuroprotective, Antiaddictive and Antidepressant-Like Activity in Animal Models of theCentral Nervous System Disorders

Author(s): Lucyna Antkiewicz-Michaluk, Agnieszka Wąsik, Jerzy Michaluk


The review manuscript raises some important aspects concerning the pharmacology, clinical applications of an endogenous amine, 1-methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline (1MeTIQ), a unsubstituted non-catechol tetrahydroisoquinoline which is present in the mammalian brain. The manuscript is focused on the mechanisms of action of 1MeTIQ in behavioral, neurochemical and molecular studies on rodents. The neuroprotective, antiaddictive and antidepressant properties of 1MeTIQ will be described.


Findings implicate 1MeTIQ in unique and complex mechanisms of neuroprotection in various neurodegenerative diseases of the central nervous system. We believe that MAO inhibition, free radical scavenging properties and antagonism to the glutamatergic system may play an essential role in neuroprotection. At the same time all demonstrated results strongly support the view that 1MeTIQ has a considerable potential as an antidepressant and antiaddictive drug demonstrated in the animal models of depression (forced swim test, tail suspension test, reserpine and clonidine model) and addiction (morphine and cocaine addiction).


Introduced data have shown that therapeutic effects of 1MeTIQ may be coupling with gentle activation of the monoaminergic system (dopaminergic, noradrenergic and serotoninergic) in the brain structures, the simultaneous inhibition of MAO-dependent oxidation and reduction of the glutamate system activity in the brain.

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