Attenuated psychosis and the schizophrenia prodrome: current status of risk identification and psychosis prevention

Author(s): Neeraj Tandon, Jai Shah, Matcheri S Keshavan, Rajiv Tandon

Recent efforts in the prevention of schizophrenia have focused on defining psychosis-risk syndromes and evaluating treatments that can prevent transition to psychosis in these ultra-high risk groups. In this review, different kinds of prevention approaches are enumerated and necessary conditions for a disease-prevention strategy are summarized. The broad overlap as well as the significant difference between a schizophrenia prodrome and a ‘psychosis-risk syndrome’ is discussed and the present status of approaches to identify individuals at increased risk for developing psychosis and schizophrenia are critically examined along with evaluations on therapeutic interventions to reduce these risks. Finally, to conclude, recommendations for current best clinical practice and key questions for the future are suggested.


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