Assessment of the Chinese Version of the Form C of the MHLC scales in Glucose intolerant subjects in Taiwan

Author(s): Chih-Ping Li, Shu-Fen Lee

The purpose of this study is to develop a Chinese version the Form C of the Multidimensional Health Locus of Control (CMHLC form C) scale using two-way translation and then examined reliability and validity. This study executed in two phases. In the first, the researchers translated the English version MHLC form C scale into Chinese using forward and backward translation. In the second, this study was to establish internal consistency and construct validity data for the CMHLC form C scale in community-dwelling adults with glucose intolerant subjects. The CMHLC Form C scale consisted of 17-item and revealed a clear pattern of loading across the three factors named ‘chance’, ‘internal’ and ‘other people’ with good internal consistency (0.82). Confirmatory factor analysis was performed and results showed that χ2=229.49 (df=116, p=0.00), χ2=1.978 and GFI=0.89 were somewhat below expectation; however, the CFI of 0.94, the IFI of 0.94, and RMSEA of 0.068 were indicative of good model fit. Results suggest that the CMHLC Form C scale can be a reliable and valid outcome assessment tool for using in community-based studies of glucose intolerant subjects. Also, this scale is very useful in understanding the health behavior control in diabetic patients in Chinese people in Taiwan.

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