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Welcome to the Neuropsychiatry (London)

Neuropsychiatry is an important branch of medical science. Considering the clinical aspects and its close association with behavioral neurology, Neuropsychiatry journal aims at updating researchers, clinicians and academicians with most recent information on every aspect of neuropsychiatry. The journal provides a platform for exchanging and sharing the latest developments in the relevant area.

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Neuropsychiatry (London) publishes peer-reviewed articles on a wide range of topics including neuropsychiatric disorders, clinical neuropsychiatry, cognitive neuropsychiatry, neuroimaging etc. Submissions are subjected to double-blinded peer review before they are accepted for publication. The journal accepts articles in the form of research, review, short communications, case reports and image articles.

This is an open access journal providing easy access to its viewers globally.

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Upcoming Special Issue - Cognitive Robotics and their Applications

Recently Published Papers

"Sentence Writing In the Mini Mental State Examination:A Possible Marker for Progression of Mild Cognitive Impairment to Dementia

Author(s): Corallo Francesco, Marra Angela, Bonanno Lilla, Impellizzeri Federica, Lo Buono Viviana, Alagna Antonella, Di Cara Marcella, Cettina Allone, Cecilia Cannistraci, Pria Deborah, Formica Caterina, Romeo Laura, Todaro Antonino, Bramanti Placido, Marino Silvia

ABSTRACT Background The Mini Mental State Examination’s (MMSE) has different cognitive domains (orientation,registration, concentration, short term memory, language and visuo-spatial..

The Problem of Eating Disorders and Comorbid Psychostimulants Abuse: A Mini Review

Author(s): Domenico De Berardisa, Ilaria Matarazzo, Laura Orsolini, Alessandro Valchera, Carmine Tomasetti, Chiara Montemitro, Monica Mazza, Michele Fornaro, Alessandro Carano, Giampaolo Perna, Federica Vellante, Domenico Di Sante, Raffaella La Rovere, Giovanni Martinotti, Sabatino Trotta, Massimo Di Giannantonio

ABSTRACT Comorbidity between substance use disorders (SUD) and eating disorders (ED) is extremely frequent in clinical practice, probably because they share similar psychopathological and n..

Budd Chiari, Pain, Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

Author(s): Konstantinos Kontoangelos, Marina Economou, Eleni Lazaratou, Melanie Deutsch, John Koskinas, Charalambos Papageorgiou

ABSTRACT Background Budd–Chiari syndrome is caused by occlusion of the hepatic veins that drain the liver. It presents with abdominal pain, ascites, and liver enlargement. Methods..

Neurobiological Evidences, Functional and Emotional Aspects Associated with the Amygdala: From “ What is it? “ to “What’sto be done?“


Mariana Gongora, Silmar Teixeira, Lilian Martins, Victor Marinho, Bruna Velasques, Luiz Moraes, Eduardo Nicoliche, Victor Hugo Bastos, Monara Kedma Nunes, Consuelo Cartier, Valéria Nascimento, Renan Vicente Luiza Wanick Di Giorgio Silva, Marcele R. de Carvalho, Jessé Di Giacomo, João Junqueira, Flavio Santos, Mauricio Cagy, Thomaz de Oliveira, Daya S. Gupta, Pedro Ribeiro

A growing body of neurobiological and anatomic data continues to provide an increasingly detailed understanding of the role of amygdala in cognitive and motor control. We review evidence fro..

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