Validity of the Diagnostic Interview “CRIDI -Autism SpectrumDisorders” as a Gold Standard for the Assessment of Autism in Latinos and Mexicans

Author(s): Lilia Albores-Gallo, Jose Juan Escoto-Lopez, Gema Torres-Suarez, Belen Carmona-Ruiz, Marco Antonio Solis-Bravo, Liliana Guadalupe Tapia-Guillen, Tania Vargas-Rizo, Emmanuel Sarmiento-Hernandez, Gabriela Villareal-Valdes, Fernanda Rojas-Miranda, Karla Castro-Morales, Isis Suarez-Ponce de Leon, Eunice Borrayo-Magana, Alejandra Hernandez-Duarte, America Catalan-Nava, Ricardo Escudero-Monteverde, Aymara Gatica-Hernandez, Yassel Flores-Rodriguez, Enrique Navarro-Luna, Jorge Chavez-Dozal, Marianela Moreno de Ibarra, Romina Aguerre-Estevez, Javier Alonzo-Alonzo, Sofia Arce-Hernandez, Willian Gonzalez, Julian Moreno-Granados, Lexma Guerra, Leidy Valencia-Amado, Maria Constanza-Peretto, Johanna Suarez-Salazar


To validate the Criteria Diagnostic Interview (CRIDI-ASD/DSM-5), a cost-effective clinical assessment tool for the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in children and adolescents of Mexico, Latin America or Hispanics living in the US., Latin America and Hispanic children and adolescents in the US.


The CRIDI-ASD/DSM-5 is a semi-structured observational interview based on the criteria of DSM-5. It consists of questions organized in the two dimensions: 1.- Deficits in social communication and interaction, 2.- Restricted and stereotyped patterns of behavior and interests and unusual sensory reactivity. We conducted an observational, validity study.


The final sample consisted of 88 children seeking for a diagnosis of autism, or ADHD, between 18 months to 18 years of age. Participants were assessed with ADI-R, MINI-KID, K-SADS, VEANHi and CRIDI-ASD/DSM-5 Interview. Cronbach’s alpha for the total items was 0.91. Interrater reliability for the recorded interviews assessed by two different evaluators (N=40) ranged from ICC 0.74-.99 (M=0.86). Discriminant validity between ASD was demonstrated through the t-Student test, showing significant higher mean raw scores for the ASD Group. Kappa coefficients between ASD diagnosis through ADI-R and/or K-SADS and/or Clinical Interview and the dichotomous result (ASD vs. no-ASD) of the CRIDI-ASD/DSM-5 Interview was k=0.82, with a Sensitivity of 92% and Specificity of 95%.


The CRIDI-ASD/DSM-5 is a valid, brief and cost-effective instrument for the diagnosis of ASD in Spanish-speaking children and adolescents.


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