The more you use Facebook, the more you risk becoming addicted to it?: A Study Report

Author(s): Agata Bachnio, Aneta Przepiorka, Nazir S Hawi EdD

In recent years, we can observe the rising popularity of Facebook, which is widely used as an important means of communication in professional or private life as well as for various other purposes: entertainment, information, and establishing or maintaining relationships. Social networking sites are changing the way we think about communication. The present study had two aims: to test the hypothesis that the intensity of Facebook use can predict Facebook addiction and to prepare a Polish adaptation of the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale. The participants were 781 Polish Facebook users; 64.4% were women. Our results showed that the Facebook Intensity was a good predictor of Facebook addiction and explained 30.2% of variance. Additionally, we obtained a method with adequate reliability and validity.

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