Schizophrenia-Like Psychosis of Epilepsy: From Clinical Characters to Underlying Mechanisms

Author(s): Qian Wang, Pengfei Teng, Guoming Luan

Epilepsy is associated with an increased prevalence of mental health disorders compared with general population. Psychiatric comorbidity in epilepsy is a non-negligible issue in pursuit of high life quality in patients with epilepsy. This review mainly discussed the clinical characters; diagnose approaches, and predisposing factors of schizophrenia-like psychosis in epilepsy (SLPE), which is one of the most severe comorbidity in epilepsy. Furthermore, a disconnection hypothesis underlying both schizophrenia and SLPE is proposed by accumulating evidences of abnormal large-scale brain networks in these two disorders. With the development of clinical technologies, this review also suggested more resting-state and cognition-related brain networks studies should be conducted in the upcoming future.

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