Acute psychosis with manic features in patient with Fahrs syndrome: A Case report and Clinical review

Author(s): Ian Kane, Michael Light, Maria Khan, Ifeoluwa Osewa, Mitchell Nobler, Nabil Siddiqi

Fahrs syndrome, or Idiopathic Basal Ganglia Calcification syndrome, is a rare neurologic condition with a prevalence of <1/1,000,000 individuals. Calcifications can be seen primarily in the basal ganglia, more specifically in the internal globus pallidus, as well as other regions such as the caudate, putamen, dentate nuclei, and thalamus. Affected individuals can have an unsteady gait, slow or slurred speech, clumsiness, involuntary muscle movements, muscle cramps, and seizures. Neuropsychiatric manifestations are also common presenting symptoms and can range in severity from mild memory impairments to dementia, psychosis, and personality or behavior changes.

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